The Pigeon

I made a new friend (I guess).

Yeah, he’s a pigeon.

He sits there on the edge of the parapet on my window. He’s always there. Looking out to the sea. Cooing like the pigeon he is. Day and night he sits right on the edge (or at least whenever i’m at the window). I guess it partly has to do with the fact that he has only one leg.

Whenever i’m at the balcony, he looks at me rather stares. I’ve tried shooing him away but he just does not move. His cooing is unbearable though. But then he is a pigeon.

Once when I caught him staring at me, I started tilting my head side to side; just for kicks. Surprisingly, he started mimicking me and it was kinda unnerving. Pigeons are supposed to be scared of human beings and when they see a person looking and waving frantically at them trying to shoo them away, they’re supposed to fly to safety not just sit and mimic the person. That incident has made me respect him and his kind (also a video of a pigeon doing a backflip on an F1 track kinda helped too).

Ninja Pigeon

Today was different though. He wasn’t there on the edge of the parapet. I waited for him in the morning thinking he must’ve gone for food. I came back from work and went straight to the window. Looked out, hoping for some good news. He wasn’t there. Strangely, I think I miss him.

I’m sitting here writing this post about a pigeon I think have “known” for a week, hoping that when I finish writing and look through the window, I see a familiar perched up pigeon.



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