Armchair Activists

I log into Facebook, an hourly routine now. It’s a necessary routine now that all my friends are spread out all over the country and not to mention that I get really really bored on the interwebs after a while of stumbling upon.

First couple posts I see are random status updates from my friends and family. Photos and checking into random places, more of the ordinary. Then I see another one of those anti sonia/manmohan/congress/bjp/modi/government/(whatever comes into your mind) photo followed by a couple more “share this pic or something bad happens to your parents/siblings/friends”/”share this pic to help/salute random people”


Wow yet another inflammatory anti government timeline photo whose content cannot be verified due to the absence of sources. And don’t even get me started on the salutes and the charity!


This drivel stems from random armchair patriots and acitvists sitting on their pc’s typing up shit for more “hits”,”likes”,”reblogs”,”retweets” etc.

What’s even more sad is that, a lot of people just lap it up and create this whole cycle of misinformation out of nothing. We fight and fight over something that most likely never happened or exaggerated to unimaginable extent or will never even happen. Misinformation is way worse than no information at all.

What is the cause for this?

Is facebook making us gullible naïve idiots?

Maybe we just are naïve. Trying to rebel against all the “injustice” that is happening to us and people around us on a social networking site whilst sitting in the comfort of our homes/rooms. Trying to make a difference with a click because that’s all we can offer.

You want to make a difference, you go out and strive for it rather than just sitting on facebook and being ultra patriotic. That’s just lame. When you feel like being charitable, get out of your house and do something worthwhile, something tangible.

Just like the famous proverb “look before you leap”; please, please, please read before you post something. Think about what you’ve read, understand, use your rational mind and then post it. This will just reduce your chances of looking like a total naïve douchebag in front of all the people you know.

(oh and before you start burning me on the stake for any reason whatsoever, you must know:
a> I am not affiliated with any party or politics as a whole
b> I love my country, no doubt, but then I’m not a patriot in the true sense if the word
c> In terms of charity, I donate a considerable amount to the needy once every year. I do what I can.)


Image Source: Thinkso


What do you think?

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