Icarian Dream

Icarian Dream

I lie on the ground
Face in the sky
I dream of the stars
To reach out and fly

Above the ground
Among the clouds
Faster than the
Speed of sound

I look around
And no ones there
I am alone
Without a care

I spread my wings
Just one more time
To get closer
Like Icarus had

Heaven above
Within my reach
Now that I’m here
I won’t turn back

I feel the fire
On my back
I cry in pain as
My wings turn to black

Free falling
Seeing stars go away
As I hit the ground
I’m wide awake

Guitars and Vocals by Karthik Ramaswamy
Voices by Siddhartho Poddar
Lyrics by Shamel Mundeth
Produced and Mixed by Shaswato Mukherjee.

I must say, it’s always been a dream of mine to be part of an actual musical endeavour and now I can proudly say that my dream has come true. (Cheesy, I know)

Anyways, this song was recorded one fine day when Shaswato Mukherjee (Deaf Programming Genius 😛 ) invited Karthik Ramaswamy (Bluesy Old Man 😛 ) and me to the studio to chill out. Shaswato had already asked me to write some lyrics, just in case, and Karthik already had a riff. One thing led to the other and bam! four hours later we have a rough mix for the song! The experience was electrifying and fulfilling and we were just dying to get back to the studio and finish it off. 2 weeks later (yesterday), I got one of my childhood friends, Siddhartho Poddar [Frighteningly Weird Guitarist Extraordinaire: Daydreamer (my friends on Facebook can watch this, his privacy settings)], to help us out with the song.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we have this song to offer you.

I hope you guys like it.

We’ll be coming with more stuff in a while so to catch that follow our Soundcloud page.

All comments are welcome 🙂


2 responses to “Icarian Dream

  1. Honestly I think in the middle the song looses its identity and drifts into “Wish You were here” Land .. but Kudoos Karthik soothing vocals and an impressive lead at the end. Keeping in mind the fact that you’ll guys just made this happen is something to be proud of. Cheers

    • Sorry I took so long to reply… Got caught up with work :/

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      The main reason for the whole Pink Floyd vibe is that Karthik and I are HUGE Floyd fans and by the time we finished what we started it sounded a lot like our idols.
      To us, this is still just a work in progress and we are constantly trying to improve and your feedback is invaluable 🙂

      Thanks again and keep visiting 🙂

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