He sat there staring blankly into the computer screen. An endless barrage of emails kept coming into his inbox as he watched intently, not moving a muscle. He had hours to go, hours of sitting on this godforsaken chair in this godforsaken place surrounded by the total fuckwits who have no idea what they’re doing.

His gaze was broken when a ball of paper whizzed from the other cubicle right in the back of his head. There was cackling laughter coming from all around him and he tried his best to keep his composure. He bent down to get the offending piece of stationery and put it in the dustbin. He got back up and felt the blood rushing through his veins, his arms twitching. He closed his eyes trying to control it.

The laughter was echoing in his head and he couldn’t take it anymore. He got up with his stapler in his hand and walked to the other cubicle. The other guy didn’t see him coming, as he was busy laughing with his head on the desk. He takes the stapler and opens it up like a switchblade and furiously attacks him. He goes for his hand first, and the guy jumps back, his laughter was replaced with screaming. The office came to a standstill. Absolute silence filled the room, barring all the screaming.

He was relentless as he stapled with such efficiency, not letting the guy defend himself. He kicks him off the chair and sits on his chest, pinning his arms to the ground. The guy tries scratching him, but he could only get to his thighs. He takes his time and tries to hold his head steady, but it was too difficult with the guy writhing on the ground so much. So he drops the stapler, and throws a flurry of punches to his face. The guy stopped moving after a few minutes and by the time he was finished, his face was literally reduced to mushy red pulp. He gets up and goes to the guy’s desk and pulls his computer screen. All the stuff on his desk flew to the ground as he yanked at the cable. Once, free of all the connections, the screen came down hard and fast into his skull. There were bloody bits of glass and bone all over the place as he smashed the screen into his head until all of it was deposited where his face was supposed to be.

He finally stood up to see everyone he worked with just staring at him. They were too afraid to say or do anything. He bent down and picked up his stapler, now covered in blood, before calmly walking back to his cubicle just as he had come here. He sat on his chair and closed his eyes trying to be in control again.

Once he opened his eyes, he felt himself come back to his senses but that laughter hadn’t stopped and he felt another ball of paper smack him in the head.


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